Earthquake Prediction by Tiempe

Earth Sensitive quake predictions

Sunday, September 01, 2013

For Wednesday, 4 September 2013.

LEGEND for OVERVIEW: Size = My surety of area for quake.
Red Circle = Probable quake to STRONG quake.
Triangle = Very Strong/Stronger quake (Usually takes extra days).
Blue Circle, etc. = Uncertainty of symptom area for probable quake.  
Gold Circle = Volcanic symptom.   
(I will give a probable magnitude.)    

Places to watch.

Good luck to all.

For Wednesday, 4 September 2013.

(Possible major quaking in Alaska Peninsula and
Central Mid-Atlantic and Honshu, Japan area
as posted on: For Sunday, 4 August 2013.)

(I am going to distinguish chunk symptoms that
are expected to manifest on the daily list in black.)

Sandspit,BC area (52.64N 132.01W) (Second day
for Canada symptoms. Probable 3.5
and probable multiple)

SUROESTE de OMETEPEC, GRO area (16.16 -98.68)
(Probable 4 and probable multiples)

CZECH REPUBLIC area (50.61N 14.04E) (Different
symptom but becoming daily symptoms for general
area. Probable 3.5 and probable multiples)

MID-INDIAN RIDGE area (25.2S 70.1E)
(Probable 4 and probable multiples)

(Probable 4 and probable multiples)

Greece/Aegean Sea/Turkey (Non-specific.
Probable 4 and probable multiples)

Hawaii/Pahala, HI area (19.296 -155.376)
(Second day symptoms. Probable 3
and probable multiples)

Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan (36.16N 145.69E)
(May be synchronized with chunk symptom for this
day. Probable 4.5 or stronger and probable swarm.)

Peace to all.